When It’s Time For A Website Redesign, Get The Opinion That Matters

How many people were involved in the last redesign or upgrade of your website? If you are like most clients, you probably consulted the designer, showed a few layouts to your employees, and maybe even solicited the opinion of a spouse or friend.

In other words, you got every opinion but the one that matters most.

When you consider upgrading your company website – the most important sales and marketing tool you have – be sure to get feedback from your existing customers. If you have a lot of "regulars" who you think will give you an honest opinion, start with them. Otherwise, think about offering a gift certificate, or some other incentive, to buyers who share their feedback.

Is this an extra step, and one that might take some extra time? Absolutely. But, the people who already do business with you are the most qualified to tell you what they like, what they wish your site would do in the future, and their reasons for choosing you over the competition.

Your customers probably aren't going to tell you everything you wish they would when it comes to the look and functionality of your business's website. But, if you ask them, you get a chance to get some of the most valuable feedback you can get during the redesign process.

Take a look at a few before and after shots

Expo Square

Expo Before

Expo After

Kruse Classics

Kruse Before

Kruse After

In The Raw

ITR Before

ITR After

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