Content Is Useless, Ideas Are Priceless

One of the big challenges with content marketing is that everyone knows the benefits. And so, it can feel like every other business on the planet is producing their own content, as well. The result is that itís hard to stand out, and customers donít notice new blog posts or articles the way they used to. Some industry experts refer to this phenomenon as ďcontent shock.Ē

The growth of content marketing has led some to mistakenly believe that content doesnít have value anymore. The reality is that good ideas are more valuable than they ever were. Itís just that average or low-quality content is virtually useless.

To put this another way, you canít simply post some material to your blog or social accounts and hope for the best. Instead, you have to deliver ideas that are well-informed and tailored to the audience you want to reach. If you can commit to doing that, youíll find that buyers are more than happy to give you their attention, regardless of what your competitors are posting.

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